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    Thursday, May 23rd, 2013
    12:03 pm
    Popularity Of The China Injection Molding Companies

    Injection molding is one of the most popular methods of producing plastic molds. There are several manufacturing companies that currently produce these molds through the process of injection molding. However, China leads the world in the production of molds, and therefore, you can expect to find plenty of China Plastic Mouldings Supplier and companies. These companies can offer reliable supply of Chinese molds that are popular all over the world. Therefore, if you want, you can also look for these molds in order to sell them for various purposes in the market.

    Checking Out In The Internet:

     If you want to know about some of the best companies, you can check out the different websites on the internet. There is lots of information on different companies available on the internet, and therefore, you can easily check out the services that are offered by these companies. In addition to that, you will also be able to become aware of the reputation of the company through the websites on the internet. This will help you to get lots of ideas about the company, and consequently, you can make your decision.

    High Quality Molds:

    The companies produce high quality molds, and are available from the China Plastic Mouldings Supplier. Thus, these can be used for wide varieties of purposes. In the recent years, there has been a further emphasis on the improvement of the quality of the molds. The companies are increasing their production capacities, so that they can meet the rising demands of the molds that are used for wide varieties of purposes. If you want to know more information regarding the China Plastic Mouldings Supplier, then you can refer through the company website: -

    Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013
    4:20 pm
    SINOMOULD Offers Selected Plastic Molding Items With Reliable Quality

    Using the special kind of plastic molding technologies is the unique way to produce excellent mold items with standard specifications and high quality. The famous mold manufacturer SINOMOULD using this same trick in their mold production, which enhances their business profile among limitless number of people. SINOMOULD is a proficient manufacturer and huge supplier of plastic molds around the regions of China. Apart from their own region, this leading supplier also exports numerous kinds of mold items for the customers around the world. This brilliant manufacturer has several years experience in this mold production industry as well as mold supply for countless customers. With the help of competent business management system and specialized skills in exceptional mold production technique, SINOMOULD is capable to provide exclusive kinds of features for the consumers by the means of ultimate plastic molding.

    This company obtained its special presence among number of world leading firms like ABB Spain, Nokia, Siemens, Lancome France, Media China, Samsonite Belgium, and more. Through a proficient mold supply with exceptional features, SINOMOULD is reputed as a brand of high classic mold supplier in China. This company enlarges its plastic molding work endlessly and obtaining the recognizable trademark for its worldwide mold supply services. This world famous plastic molding specialist, SINOMOULD is the brilliant providers of following mold items. They include mobile phone moldings, injection moldings, automotive moldings, cosmetic products moldings, home appliances moldings, packaging moldings, and more. Each molding item from these different categories includes various types of classified plastic molding technique related with production process. Some examples for diverse sorts of molding methods include BMC injection molding, Bi-color injection molding, Gas-assisted injection molding, and Bakelite injection molding etc. If you want to know more information regarding the Plastic Molding, then you can refer through the company website: -

    Tuesday, April 16th, 2013
    3:31 pm
    Make Use of the China Plastic Molding Company to Buy the Best Moulds

    Sino molding is a well known mold manufacturing company which is located in China. The company uses the excellent technologies to provide the high quality moulds and plastic molding solution to their clients and the customers. They offer the service of plastic injection molding to their clients. With a lot of efforts, the company has improved their management system.

    Sino Molding has gathered several processes for plastic molding as well as experiences. The company invested more number of equipments for plastic molding in order to improve their efficiencies, high automaton molding service and precision. Sino Molding Company has become one of the top most China plastic molding companies that offer high classic molding services to their customers throughout the world. Sino Mould is supplying the plastic mold components for many companies which are situated in America, Spain, Belgium, France, Japan and China.  The development of the company is due to the sophisticated molding process and wonderful controlling system. Sino Mould which is the biggest China plastic molding company is having the UV facilities and also provides PU painting in molded plastic products to the customers.

    They also offer services such as hard chrome plating and vacuum metalizing. The quality of Sino Molding products is guaranteed by the professional technical teams and managing teams. The cost of the molds which are manufactured in this company is low as it has reduced the wastage of time, labors, space, natural resources and energy in making the molds, so this makes possible for the Sino Mould Company to offer their products at low price through which the clients and customers are profited. The advanced technologies and the efforts made this China plastic molding company to be the top in the world. If you want to know more information regarding the China Plastic Molding, then you can refer through the company website: -

    Wednesday, April 10th, 2013
    4:16 pm
    Custom Plastic Molding Company Provides Best Opportunity for the Consumer

    Sinomould is the most excellent custom plastic molding company in china. This china plastic molding company has different kinds of professional hardware and software engineers. These company team members will truly aid the consumers to solve their problems. The team members will give creative idea for those who have started a new plastic business. They will aid the consumers to supply items and services at very low cost. The china plastic company profession engineer will aid the consumer to create the exact feel, look and dimensions of their idyllic parts. By utilizing the most recent CAD software, they can simply make changes without a doubt the part will meet up their specifications. The engineer will guide the plastic mold intend into fabrication by ensuring lofty quality tools and molds are produced and the molding fabrication process develops the most excellent custom molding parts for their requirements. They immediately deliver the quality product to the consumers at the correct time.

    They will provide the consumer with a high class product which will stay in their budget. After the consumer product is completed, the molding service will not stop there. They can make sure that molding products can be greatly ordered at any quantity, at any moment consumer choose.

    They will continue to toil with consumer to ensure that their plastic molding product is endlessly made with the care and quality which is required to continued success. They can also provide some other special needs such as finishing operations, packaging and more.  The custom plastic molding company will provide a step by step molding process from molding part design to production. They can also offer great guidance on manufacturability of plastic molding product.

    If the consumer desire to know more detailed information regarding the Sinomould company service, they can search through online. Acquire the custom plastic product at very reasonable cost from the Sinomould Company. If you want to know more information regarding the Custom Plastic Molding, then you can refer through the company website: -
    Monday, March 25th, 2013
    3:46 pm
    Making Use Of Good Machines For Manufacturing China Plastic Molding

    The demand for the molding has increased to a great extent, and china leads the world in the production of these machines through which various types of plastic moulds can be produced. China plastic molding machine is mainly used for making injections and other molding products that can be used for different purposes. The machines are available in different sizes and consequently, products of different sizes can also be made quite easily. There are many manufacturers today that make use of these machines for producing different plastic products that are high in demand today.

    Since the numbers of manufacturers using these machines are many in number, the products are also abundantly produced. As a result, if you want, you can also get these molding products at reasonable prices due to which you will not have to be worried about money. Since most of the machines are quite efficient, the products are produced at a rapid rate without compromising on the quality.

    The machines that produce China plastic molding are known to operate quite silently unlike any other machine. These are absolutely smooth and free from friction. Consequently, they can also offer higher performance. When you buy these molding products that are manufactured by a good company, you can be completely assured about the quality of the products, and also the durability. Therefore, whether you want to buy injections or toys, you can easily buy it from a reputed manufacturer that makes use of good quality and high efficient molding machine.  

    Wednesday, March 20th, 2013
    2:08 pm
    Important Benefits Of Plastic Molding

    Important Benefits Of Plastic Molding

    There are wide varieties of plastic products that you use on a regular basis. These come in various shapes and dimensions.  Have you ever thought the exact way in which these plastic parts are made and molded? Well, these products are actually made through the process of plastic molding in the injection molding machine. Since centuries, these machines have been used in producing the molds, but in the recent days, with the progression of technology the processes involved in the production have also been upgraded.

    The process of molding offers several benefits. For instance, it reduces the overall cost of the labor, and the loss of the scrap in the entire process is absolutely little. Apart from that, the waste plastic can be shaped wonderfully to be made into a useful plastic product. In fact, molding not only helps in producing a product, but at the same time it also ensures that the product thus produced is of high quality and designed to be durable.

    The best thing that you would like about plastic molding is that the cost associated with the production process is indeed very low, and the plastic products are also produced in large quantities. This is the reason why there are many people that have started investing in these machines, so that wide varieties of plastic products can be made. The products thus produced can be used widely in industries, automobile and even home applications. Apart from that, these products are completely eco-friendly and these can recycle, as well.

    Wednesday, February 27th, 2013
    9:37 pm
    Win The Laurels Of Your Products Through Plastic Part Moldings Service

    Plastic molding is the most important aspect in the industrial market. You get to know a proper concept before you start to develop the material. This aspect consists of a rough sketch of a piece of paper about the erudite CAD program of designing. The concept might be similar but the thought is to be developed in the plastic part moldings. This particular phenomenon can be one among the various types in the molding process. The very common form of molding which is generally used is known as the injection molding.

    Most of the mold designers know the prerequisites of mold designing. There are some typical designers who learn using all sorts of tools from a technical college. If you are working with CAD designing, Solidworks, CadKey, Unigraphics it will have various benefits. Some of the powerful CAD/CAM programs have some unique features for the procedure of fine tuning. Maximum number of companies which build molds are used by the in-house designers. The freelancing of the designing comes mainly from the plastic part moldings.

    Generally, the in-house designers become easy to get in touch. The main advantages are the smaller schedule, lesser conference calls, no pending emails and no transfer of files. Sometimes the freelancers get the opportunity to get paid a full salary with all the benefits of a proper employee and it does not provide a good solution. This particular system is mainly applicable for plastic part moldings. Some of the freelance designers prefer working from home but each one of them has its own advantages.

    9:34 pm
    Enhance Your Utmost Desirable Plastic Business By The Assistance Of Plastic Injection Molding

    Plastic patterns are actually used in plentiful ways to bring down the costs in the industrialtrade. Plastic molds are one of the finest industrial raw materials which are used for making some choicest products in the market. The main form of plastic injection molding which you will come across is the process of injection molding. It is the most popular method of forcing the liquid plastic in getting transformed into a metallic mold. It is made in such a way so that it cools inside the equipment and gives a perfect formation.

    A precise kind of process known as reaction injection molding is always utilized for the manufacture of fiberglass, polymers and epoxy. Here you can get some very good ideas on the plastic injection molding, methods and instrumental designing used in the making of products. These services mainly use the method of rotational molding, blow casting and pressure molding. The technology which is used in the manufacturing of plastic is wonderful and it gets hold of some superior way in the perfect turnaround time.

    Particular other approaches include instrumenting and the process of hot stamping. These are a few characteristics which differentiate from one another. Instrumenting is such a rapid process which is sometimes used for the drilling, turning and milling. The things which are made with the help of these services are very little in weight. These are generally used for making some erudite products. Some other services which are very commonly used in the plastic injection molding are the mold prototypes, insertion molding, nano-molding and dual jab molding.

    Friday, February 22nd, 2013
    10:23 am
    The Utmost Mutual Approaches Of Boosting Custom Plastic Molding

    The expertise which is used in the engineering of plastic is delightful and it gets hold of some superior way in the perfect turnaround time. Here you can get some very good ideas on the custom plastic molding, methods and instrumental designing used in the making of products. These services mainly use the method of rotational molding, blow casting and pressure molding. A particular kind of method known as reaction injection molding is always utilized for the manufacture of fiberglass, polymers and epoxy.

    These are somescarcephysiognomies which discern from one another. Instrumenting is such a speedy process which is sometimes used for the drilling, turning and milling. The things which are made with the help of these services are very little in weight. These are generally used for making some sophisticated products. Some other services which are very commonly used in the custom plastic molding are the mold prototypes, insertion molding, nano-molding and dual jab molding. Some other methods include instrumenting and the process of hot stamping.

    It is the maximumprevalent method of forcing the liquid plastic in getting transformed into a metallic mold. It is made in such a way so that it cools inside the equipment and gives a perfect formation. Plastic molds are actually used in numerous ways to bring down the costs in the manufacturing industry. Plastic molds are one of the finest industrial raw materials which are used for making some choicest products in the market. The main form of custom plastic molding which you will come across is the process of jab molding.

    Monday, February 18th, 2013
    4:49 pm
    An Appropriate Tactic Of chinese Injection Molding House Modernized The Marketplace

    Ample Chinese injection molding products are found and it can be used as vessels, shielding caps, flexible tubes, fleabags, dollies, pitchers, cases, accouterments, kitchentools and many more. Even the computer materials such as a keyboard and mouse is also made of plastic. The choice of a particular type of process that becomes seemly for your budget, your skill and your possessions. Here you can get some very good classifications of plastic molding. One such method is called the injection method where the melted plastic is put into the mouth of the cavity. These can be very well used to create toys, utensils, caps of the bottle and the stands of the cell phone.

    The Chinese injection molding can be also of a contemporary type given to the prerequisite such as officecontainers, storerooms, office trays and parcels, fences, barricades and traffic pointers and descriptionsof products in the marketing advancements. The chairs and tables in the current era are also made of plastic. The basic method by which this is made is by inserting the ready shaped mold through the help of a machine. The bottle will then be allowed to cool for some time to give the appropriate shape of the mold.

    If you are really thinking of probingprofound into the business of Chinese injection molding, you should first consider the different processes involved in it. Plastic is one form of non-metallic compound which is synthetically produced in the laboratory. The forms of the plastic can be molded and put to use in various business for different purpose. The molding of plastic products is observableuniversally throughout the market.

    Thursday, January 24th, 2013
    7:37 pm
    Design your mould and plastic products with your custom parts at SINOMOULD

    SINO offer you not only moulds or machines, but also plastic parts molding solutions. We have more than 20 sets plastic injection molding machines can used for making productions.

    The process of plastic injection molding as below:

    Injection molding is one of the most common methods of shaping plastic raw material. It is accomplished by injection molding machines of various plastic materials. Granular plastic is fed to the machine through the hopper and colorants are usually fed to the machine directly after the hopper. The resins enter the injection barrel by gravity though the feed throat. Upon entrance into the barrel, the resin is heated to the appropriate melting temperature. The resin is injected into the mold by a reciprocating screw or a ram injector. The reciprocating screw apparatus is attached to the screw motor drive in the above illustration. The reciprocating screw offers the advantage of being able to inject a smaller percentage of the total shot (amount of melted resin in the barrel). The ram injector must typically inject at least 20% of the total shot while a screw injector can inject as little as 5% of the total shot. Essentially, the screw injector is better suited for producing smaller parts. The mold is the part of the machine that receives the plastic and shapes it appropriately.  The mold is cooled constantly to a temperature that allows the plastic to solidify and be cool to the touch. The mold plates are held together by hydraulic or mechanical force. The clamping force is defined as the injection pressure multiplied by the total cavity projected area. Each resin compound has a calculated shrinkage value associated with it.

    China mould maker and plastic injection molding maker—SINO Holdings is a china Mold-making factory specializing in plastic injection moldings and injection molds manufacturing, exporting to worldwide with Europe and USA standard.

    SINO offers crate moldings, chair moldings, plastic packaging product moldings, pipe fitting moldings, medical use products moldings and etc. According to customers’ special requirement, SINO also design the products or moulds in order to customer custom parts.

    SINO persist in high quality mold making, good service and responsibility. We believe quality is the only and the best way to compete and survive. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further question or requirements. SINO welcome your new enquiries.

    7:35 pm
    World famous plastic injection molding manufacturers in China

    Sino Mould Co. Ltd is the world famous Chinese injection molding manufacturers in Southeast of China. We offer the best of both competitive price and excellent quality for plastic injection moulding. We perform an in-depth evaluation of your part designs of plastic injection molds before manufacturing. If necessary, we will provide you suggestions for redesign of your parts to assure optimal design and avoid problems. Our expert plastic injection molding team follows international standards and deliver you with confident and consistent during the whole business process.

    Our company always keeps Layout at the top, push modernized management system in Chinese injection molding making. Go in for zero default. Make sure quality and techniques in the highest way. Therefore, we dedicate to explore the new field and make innovation and progress continually to be a professional Chinese injection molding making. keep developing on the present basis in order enhance our level of mold designing and mold manufacturing, and providing medium price high quality mold .

    Sino Mould industries are high speed developing, sales annually development rate is around 15%. There are more than 2000 registered Chinese injection molding companies, and annually more than 3.6% of new Chinese injection molding companies are establishing. Currently, Chinese injection molding industries are facing heavy competitiveness. In order to keep strong competitiveness, Sino Mould purchased 70000 SQM of new land to enlarge the production capacity and improve the managing system. In 2010 year, Sino Mould 30000SQM new factory started to use, and purchased more than 6M USD new tooling and measuring equipments from German, Italy and Japan.  All these investment is not increasing the cost of the mould, on the contrary, these investment increased the quality, reduced human resources, shortened the mould manufacturing lead time… all these increased the strong competitiveness of Sino Mould by the lower price, much higher quality and shorter delivery time.

    Chinese injection molding is now becoming more and more popular in the world, due to the quality of the plastic injection Moulding was improved, Chinese injection molding People’s philosophy, Chinese injection molding manufacturing technologies, Chinese injection molding tooling processing technologies are improved. Chinese injection molding costs only 20 to 70% of European, American or Japanese.

    12:21 am
    China Injection Molding Companies

    Sino Holdings group is one of China injection molding companies, offering all kinds of custom plastic molding service. We own ourselves injection workshop, dustless mass production workshop. We own the injection molding machine from 50Ton~2800Ton in our injection workshop, would satisfied the requirements of any products production.

    Sino as the leading of China injection molding companies, we supplied one-stop service of part injection molding. Sino invested huge amount on plastic molding service equipments and also has strong injection molding technologies, offer you the excellent injection moulding solutions with precise injection moulding equipments.

    The processing of plastic molding service is from the plastic parts’ design to molded plastic components surface treatment and packaging for delivery.

    Injection molding processing


    Sino Holdings group as the famous China injection molding companies, we supplied plastic molding as following:

    1. Home appliance molding

    2. Syringe molding

    3. Foldable crate molding

    4. Packaging molding

    5. Mobile phone molding

    6. Medical injection molding

    Injection Molding QC standard:

    1. Product dimension Quality control: - It is very important for us control each product dimension during each shot samples. By general inspection and measuring, pass the qualified ones, and trash the production rejects. Checking gauge will also help the strict dimension controlled parts.

    2. Appearance and color inspection: - Color Quality control is strictly controlled during injection molding processing and also specially after recharge of material and master batch. Panton color data stock and standard color dozer helps control a good color quality.

    Appearance Quality control: there should be no eject white, no flash, no burrs, fine finish texture and polish, find parting finish, no silver line of material, no melting line on molded parts and so on after long term working of molds condition. QC manager check the color and finish every certain hours.

    3. Weight control & Package QC. - QC manager checking the package by sample survey every certain hour.

    4. Processing QC. :  The handling and process is also under QC control. Workshop will be tidied and sterilize every certain hours.

    5. Special standard item QC System - Our QC certificate is TS16949 QC standard, FDA standard, ISO 9000:2001

    6. Lab QC inspection and certification. Welcome to contact with us for custom plastic molding service.

    12:19 am
    Various types of Injection molding services and programs offered by Sino Mould

    Sino Mould is professional plastic mould manufacturer, we specialized in injection molding technology, could offer you perfect injection molding service. Such as industrial dustbin injection molding service and pallet injection molding service, IML& pail injection molding service, crate injection molding service, stack, and gas-assist high-tech injection molding service. Automotive injection molding service, PVC fitting injection molding service, PET & Package injection molding service.

    We not only offer you injection mould, but also offer you injection molding machine, Standard injection molding machine, servo system injection molding machine, high speed injection molding machine.

    All successful injection molding programs begin with proper design for the process, and in this case for rapid production. When designing your part for rapid injection molding, the most important factors that contribute to lead time are part size and complexity. Whenever a larger part can be broken down into smaller pieces and then assembled, you will potentially shorten lead time. This is because simple, shallow cavity designs are produced quicker via the CNC machining process. Designing parts that are moldable with a “Straight Pull Mold” is a great place to start. This requires that all the part’s features be designed so that when the two halves of the mold are pulled from each other and the part is ejected, there are no secondary processes required.  This is due to mold material’s tendency to pull through part plastic (this is referred to as an ‘undercut’.) Undercuts require mold pieces to pull out sideways, perpendicular to the direction of the pull. These ‘side actions’ as they are called can require ‘hand loads’ for lower volume projects or automatic/mechanical loads for higher runs.

    We have more than 50 mould designers, specialized in 2D, 3D mould design, and product design.

    We have also tooling center. there are all kinds of tooling equipment inside which mould molding need, such as Italy FIDIA high-speed milling machine.5 axis CNC milling Machine, Charmilles, Sodick EDM Japan and CNC wire cutting, CNC lathe machine, boring machine.

    After the mould tooling, we will send it to our inspection center. We have coordinate measuring machine, and articulated arm measuring instrument, optical imaging instrument could control the mould dimension without any mistake.

    After the moulds pass the inspection, Sino Mould will send the mould to our mould test workshop more than 15 injection molding machines in this workshop, from 50 ton to 500 ton, for different mould testing. 

    If you have any injection mould project or injection machine project, do not hesitate to contact with such a company with strong injection molding service.

    Monday, December 24th, 2012
    12:03 pm
    SINO AUTO MOULD – A Leading Automotive Parts Mold Manufacture in China

    Auto molding industrial include many molding technology, such as gas assistant molding for door handle parts, Bi-material molding technology and so on.

    With our qualified team and professional tooling engineers, we offers our international market with auto molding service include injection mold for plastic automotive exterior parts and interior part. 

    The present auto molding condition we can say as follows:

    The design software is CAD/CAM, which widely used in Chinese molding factories.  To make automotive moulds, there are some points very important. The design control before analysis is the first key point for getting this project start. SINO can use mold flow software for study the gate locating, material heating transfer, air venting and pressure condition during auto molding process, so that we can fast avoid defects for the plastic molding process.

    High speed tooling and high précised tooling equipment are more and more mature. As years ago, Chinese auto molds manufacturers are very hard to achieve the high precision requirement due to the precision standard is not reaching. Nowadays, with the bringing in of international brand CNC milling equipment, the tooling speed and tooling precise are greatly improved.

    Hot runner technology is widely applied for auto moldings. We can include the hot runner selection such as sequential hot runner valve gates for some auto parts such as bumpers, control penal and so on. Hot runner system reduces very much the material waste and makes the plastic molding parts better appearance and efficient injection molding process.

    Very advanced steel material heat treatment technology. The aluminum alloy are more and more used to make the auto molding, due to the advantage of material less density, good heat transforming, good welding feature and cutting advantage. Therefore, the tooling lead time for auto molding is also short.

    SINO AUTO MOULD passed ISO9001 and TS16949 certificate. Through the improvement of the quality control system, SINO AUTO focuses on mold performance, high efficiency, high lifetime and pursuit of energy saving and user-friendly features. 

    As the leading automotive parts mold manufacture in China, SINO AUTO MOULD is now more and more developed in auto molding technology. SINO MOULD place great importance in R&D of innovative automotive moulds structure research, improvement and analysis.

    Once the order start, SINO team start analysis by software with technical chief engineers and come to an perfect conclusion for parting, molding defect avoiding, molding structure draft and artwork layout. Then, we will start the design for making the project for 3D model and 2D modeling. This process, Also, the cooling system of auto molding is very strict. The cooling system designed for this mold, must be able to control the molding surface area within 5 degrees. Making the reasonable structure for ejection and angle lifters is also required in our design and so on.

    Following the design output, steel purchase and mold components purchase and QC inspection is coming in and order. The material will be included with steel sample and texture plate for offering the OEM companies for stock and checking.

    By following 2D tooling tolerance drawing, inspection department will check step by step the tooling semi-finished parts and components. Through testing and 3D CMM, SINO is able to achieve the workshop of mold components and mold assembly quality inspection and quality control process. The principle of SINO QC in the auto molding mold production process is tracking and to detect and solve problems to prevent errors and avoid a defect elements flow into the next tooling step.

    When all components and mold blocks come to assembling, the auto molding trial with right material is also very critical. Therefore, SINO set up our own tooling parts QC report, assembling process, checking the result of the assembling quality and progress will be reported to the QC records system for 2nd QC control.

    SINO AUTO MOULD rich auto molding technology and skills has made us great success in the industrial. SINO AUTO MOULD is now the supplier for OEM and after sales market automotive parts mould, such as Brand Peugeot, KIA, TOYOTA, HONDA, and SUZUKI and so on. Our market covers Brazil, Iran, Spain, France, and Australia… Welcome you’re down visiting and cooperation with SINO AUTO MOULD.

    Sunday, December 23rd, 2012
    2:24 pm
    Sino Mould is one of the most advanced molding suppliers in China

    China molding supplier is been a more and more important position in the world, Sino mould is one of the best molding supplier in China, high quality molding supplier and famous molding supplier China. Sino Mould is very professional in making plastic mold, “Quality, Honesty, and Responsibility” is Sino Mould’s service aim, and Sino Mould got the trust from customers the entire world.

    Sino Mould is the world famous China of molding supplier in Southeast China, from 1998 a small workshop until today’s holdings group, Sino Mould is one of the biggest China molding supplier in mold city, Huangyan.

    As we all know, China Mold company is been known by the world is because of its low price, but as time passed, many mold factory closed, why Sino Mould do well, even stronger. Sino Mould is the most advanced China molding supplier in this molding supplier town, Sino Mould have achieved the advanced China mold manufacture technologies, and it also attained the world mold manufacture standard. Sino Mould has the developed mold tooling equipments, to develop the mold quality as the China top molding supplier.

    As we know, as a China molding supplier, the mold price, mold manufacture delivery time, mold tooling quality, mold after-sales service are the most important keys in the mold area.

    Sino Mould is a professional OEM manufacturer and ISO 9001 Certified Molding supplier. We have a complete quality inspection workshop equipped with the latest measuring equipment. In order to better serving our customer, and ensure the important points in the mold areas, Sino Mould have imported many advanced mold tooling and mold quality inspection equipments: various high speed, high precision CNC milling machines from Italy, 5 axis Fidia CNC milling machine from Italy has become the main processing machine; establish dust-free injection molding workshop for plastic product production line;

    Sino Mold, a professional China molding supplier, can offer you: strong R&D ability, Innovative molding solution, Turkey solution service, worldwide after sales service…

    As one of the largest mold manufacturer China, Sino Mould is warmed as a Industry dust bin molding supplier, four cavities crate molding supplier, Thin wall high speed injection molding supplier, Gas-assist injection molding company, Painting bucket molding manufacturer, Chair/Table mold maker…Especially for four cavities crate mold, Sino is the first mold company to do it, and for IML solution, Sino is the first mold manufacturer to show the IML turnkey line on Chinaplas exhibition, and also for Canton Fair.

    If you are finding the high quality mold maker, top molding supplier China, Sino Mould is your molding supplier best choice. Sino Mould not only offers you a mold, but also a fine solution!

    Many of our customers find it more cost-effective to outsource the manufacturing of their plastic components so they can focus their time and energy on developing new products.

    If you want to know more about Sino Mould, top molding supplier in China, you’re very welcome to pay a down visiting to us, or you can contact the person to more.

    Thursday, December 20th, 2012
    5:28 pm
    An Introduction to Plastic Injection molding machine & its materials

    Plastic injection molding is a method of plastic products, using the pressure of the molten plastic injected into the mold of plastic products, and cooling molding to obtain the desired variety of plastic parts. Specialized machinery for injection molding injection molding machine

    Plastic Injection mold

    The mold is obtained after the resin material is injected into a metal mold apparatus of the products having a certain shape. Although not indicated in the drawings, in fact, in order to control the temperature of the mold, on the mold so that refrigerant (warm water or oil) through the cooling holes, such as a heater means. Melt the material has become the mainstream Road, injected into the cavity through the shunt, the gate. After cooling stage to open the top of the mold, molding machine the top of the device will be the peak of the staff, the product launch.

    The resulting shape is often the final product in the installation or as a final product before use is no longer the need for other processing. Lot of detail, such as the convex portion, the ribs, threads, can be molded in the operation of the injection molding step.

    Plastic Injection molding machine

    Plastic Injection molding is, the heat to melt the material by a high pressure enters the mold cavity, after cooled and solidified to obtain a molded article. The plastic injection molding process can be divided into the following six stages clamping, injection, packing, cooling, mold products remove.

    The plastic injection molding machine has two basic components: the injection means and a mold clamping device for melting and feeding the plastic into the mold. The role of the mold clamping device in that: the mold under the live injection pressure case closed. Remove the article to the injection apparatus in the plastic injection mold prior to its melting, and then control the pressure and velocity of the melt is injected into the mold. The two designs: the screw preplasticator or dual-level device, as well as reciprocating screw injection device. The screw preplasticator pre-plasticizing screw (first-class) and then melt the plastic injection material rod (second-class).

    Plastic material

    What are the types of plastic injection molding? Many different types of plastic, generally divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics, thermoplastics after when heat softened or melted knot hard after cooling, again antipyretic still softened or melted. Is a kind of plastic, polystyrene (PS) (applied to transparent products and foam, etc.), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) (used in building pipe, etc.), polyethylene (PE) (used in day-to-day supplies more), polypropylene (PP) (applies to repeatedly force the product), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) (uses extensively), polycarbonate (PC) (commonly known as the bullet-proof glass, widely used require high impact strength of the transparent product); poly phthalazine amine (PA) (used in self-lubricating property parts); poly of formaldehyde (POW (like PA); polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) ( applied the anti-corrosion products). thermoplastics with high production efficiency, good mechanical properties and dielectric properties of the advantages of lower heat resistance and stiffness, and some have reached new thermoplastic thermosetting plastic heat resistance.

    SINO MOULD is one of the most famous plastic injection mould manufacturers in China, we could offer you best quality plastic injection mould and also provide part production service for you.

    SINO MOULD has over 20 sets plastic injection molding machine from 188T to 1800T in our workshop, we use this machine to test our mould and also provide part production for our customer. With more than 3 years production experiences, we have gained below results which may be useful for some readers.

    Tuesday, December 18th, 2012
    10:05 am
    Sino Moulding offers wide range of plastic moulding services throughout the World

    Sino Mould Company located in TaiZhou, ZheJiang, China. Founded in 1992, Specialized in plastic injection mould, die casting mould.BMC mould, automotive mould, High precision mould.

    Sino Moulding offers wide plastic moulding service range, provided molded plastic components to many world top 500 companies such as Nokia, ABB Spain, Lancome France, Samsonite Belgium, Siemens, Beijing Auto Group, Media China etc. Sino Mouldings Co. is represented high classic China plastic moulding suppliers. Based on the rigorous quality controlling system and advanced China plastic moulding process, Sino Moldings is keeping on developing, the plastic injection molding service listed as follows:

    Classified by moulded plastic components functions:

    *      Automotive Moulding

    *      Medical Injection Moulding

    *      Cosmetic Injection Mouldings

    *      Mobile Phone Mouldings

    *      Home Appliance Mouldings

    *      Plastic Engineering Components Injection Moulding

    *      Packaging Mouldings

    Classified by plastic moulding process ways:

    *      Bi-color Injection Molding

    *      Gas-assisted Injection Moulding

    *      Transparent Plastic Part Injection Molding

    *      Highlight Injection Mouldings

    *      Bakelite Injection Moulding

    *      BMC Injection Moulding

    *      In-mold labeling Moulding

    *      In-mould Decoration Moulding      

    Sino Moldings has the strong molds making background. Good quality molds, precision and stable machines and professional managing teams and technical teams, these guaranteed Sino Moldings top quality with lowest plastic molding cost. For so many China plastic moulding suppliers, their future’s way is to reduce their wastage of labors, time, water, energy, space and any other natural resources. Only by this way, China plastic moulding suppliers can realize high efficiency, low material and power consumption to reduce the cost of the unit molded component, to save cost for our customers.

    Plastic injection molds are metal forms created to produce a specific plastic item. These molds are the primary way that all plastic parts are manufactured. Heating and melting granules or pellets of plastic begin the process. The liquefied plastic is then forced, injected, into the closed split-die mold under high pressure and allowed to cool. The plastic injection mold is then opened to release the product.

    Once a product has been designed, plastic injection molds are made, usually of either steel or aluminum, and precision machined to form the smallest feature of the plastic product. Often several plastic injection molds are used for a product that has numerous parts. Plastic injection molds have both core and cavity inserts, which will correspond to the shapes desired.

    The material used for injecting into the plastic injection molds is derived from two different basic plastics: thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic. Most familiar plastic items are made from thermoplastics because these melt able plastics can be shaped and reshaped easily. Thermoplastics are used to make such common items as milk containers, soft drink bottles, pantyhose, Styrofoam cups, plastic toys, etc. This type of plastic is easily recyclable as used products can be melted, injected into molds, and reformed into new items.

    Thermosetting, or thermo set, plastics are rigid and set in a one-time pattern when they come out of the plastic injection mold. They cannot by recycled or melted for further use. Examples of thermoset plastics are automobile tires, appliance cases, electrical and electronic circuit boards, and electrical switches.

    Based on the top quality and high precision plastic injection molding machines, SINO also established two 500 dust free medical mouldings workshops. Sino Moldings service has got the TS16949 certificate, and all the process of the plastic injection molding service are followed with TS16949.

    Good moulds, good machines and good process kept the good quality molding services; the Italian robots system, good cooling and air conditions keep the low cost for plastic injection molding.

    Wednesday, November 28th, 2012
    9:19 pm
    Plastic Molding Technologies

    China plastic molding expert -Sino Holdings Group Plastics incorporates scientific molding methodology by plastic mould company, Injection molding Machine Company, plastic molding hot runner System Company. We are one of the China molders who have made the commitment and investment in this state of the art injection molding technologies.

    Sino has rich experiences in various plastic molding technologies, especially the plastic injection molding. the mold technologies including plastic injection molding, plastic multi-shot injection molding, plastic extrusion molding, plastic blowing injection molding, plastic foam injection molding and plastic Hand Lay-up Molding. There difference plastic molding technologies apply to difference plastic products.

    ·         Plastic injection molding technology

    To take the plastic to the screw barrel hearting and plasticizing, then into the nozzle of the injection molding machine via pressure, arrive the cavity and solidify, then mould open, the plastic part ejected, This process of high production efficiency, high precision, it is suitable for batch production and large plastic products. (Plastic like PP, ABS, PC, PS, PE, PVC and etc)

    ·         Plastic blowing injection molding technology

    Take the plastics of heating between blowing mould and extrusion tube, then after air pressure, the plastic will be expansion along the mold wall, then open blowing mould, eject products. It is suitable for plastic bottles with hollow and thin wall thickness. (Plastic like PET, HDPE etc)

    ·         plastic foam injection molding technology

    Plastic extrusion molding it is plastic heating and plasticizing by barrel and screw, then when the screw push ahead, to molding the part with sectional by head of extrusion machine, then cut to the desired length. In plastic extrusion molding thermoplastic materials are fed from a hopper into the heated barrel of an extruder. It is suitable for continuous length parts, like pipes, Plate sheet, plastic protective tube of the wire etc (Plastic like PFA, FEP, and PVDF etc).

    ·         Extrusion molding technology

    Will foam resin directly fill in the mould, make its hot melt, forming gas fluid saturated solution, through the nucleation effect, forming a large number of small nucleate, nucleate growth, make foam plastic parts. Commonly used foaming methods have three kinds: physical foaming method, chemical foaming method and mechanical foaming method. Foam forming method often use for various protective sleeve mat production. The product like: sofa cushion (plastic like EVA, EPDM etc)

    ·         Plastic Hand Lay-up Molding

    Plastic Hand Lay-up Molding process is base on the mould with release agent by manual work,  take the reinforced material (reinforced material such as: glass cloth),at the same time, daubing resin until the plastic products have enough thickness, and then through the curing and remolding, finally, obtain plastic products. It is apply to auto parts, joint for glass steel tube.

    For the Plastic injection molding technologies is the most widely applied in thermoplastic materials and low Investment with high returns. Usually plastic injection molding have more kinds auxiliary molding technologies, like gas- Assisted technologies, plastic multi-shot injection molding, over molding, insert injection and etc to applied different thermoplastic plastic products.

    Sino is top professional technologies in Plastic injection molding in China, In order to convenient for customer Technical Reference, choose supplier and check and accept convenient in plastic injection molding technologies, Sino offer the turnkey equipments for plastic injection molding, from plastic parts design, plastic mould design, plastic mould, plastic injection machine, robot, assistant equipments such as: mould temperature controller, chiller, auto loader, dryer … …and staff training ,also maintenance… Turnkey solution is the most suitable way for the customers who has plastic injection molding technologies industry or invest in plastic injection molding line.

    We offer more than 40 plastic injection molding lines for our customers every year, for example: IML molding line for thin wall containers, chair molding line, crate molding line, cutlery molding line and so on. Hope we can help you when you have any requests about plastic injection molding technologies.

    Monday, November 26th, 2012
    9:26 am
    SINO MOULD: A Professional and High quality Chinese Molding Supplier

    International plastic industry is developing quickly, and the trend of injection molding machine turns from European molding market to Chinese molding market and India molding market.

    Compare European molding market such as Italy, Germany, Austria, Chinese molding plant can offers much more competitive price, and at the same time, the design ability, tooling equipment and handle assembling in Chinese molding factories is developing quickly. We can say some of these plants can reach as good quality as European molding plant quality.

    On the other hand, Chinese molding plant are in a higher standard than India market in design mentality and in molding factory scale investment. They have more space and big scale for molding business. Therefore, Chinese molding factories can offer larger molds for worldwide plastic molding market. The tooling equipment and factory size and molding injection machines are all bigger and easier in source in Chinese molding market.

    SINO MOULD is one of such Chinese molding supplier. SINO has more than 5000sqm. Tooling and assembling workshop, with monthly tooling capacity of 100sets of injection moulds from size 300x300x300mm up to 4000x3000x2500mm, and is now developing more projects above that size.

    SINO has innovative design ability and R&D projects; this is our feature among the sampling Chinese molding teams. It’s every year developing hundreds of new project for turnkey plastic factory building project, and the molds and molding project are responsible by SINO MOULD. By our high quality mentality and strong working team, is achieving more and more project.

    Also, as a professional and high quality Chinese molding supplier, SINO has very strict QC procedure during mold making. SINO QC control is each tooling elements by best machining and process quality control. QC in the Chinese molding production process is detected and solves problems to prevent errors. Especially for some critical parts, after the tooling, QC control will be passed to the inspection department with checking of CMM measuring report for the project managers to keep aware of what is the tooling finish. Sino principle of QC control is to avoid a defect elements flow into the next tooling step.

    SINO QC department develop a various mature Chinese molding plastic molds inspection reports forum. Suitable for each different molded plastic parts and mold inspection, such as House hold product inspection report, crate moulds inspection report, chair &table inspection report.

    SINO MOULD has separate teams for each project as the leading molding supplier, we are professional in molds various types as:

    ·         Automotive industrial moulds

    ·         Industrial logistic moulds such as Pallet, industrial dust bin moulds, crate and folding pallet moulds

    ·         Home appliance moulds such as Air controller moulds, washing machines moulds

    ·         Thinwall container and food package industrial plastic molding projects,

    ·         PVC , PPR fitting connectors molds

    ·         Cap-closure and PET performs project moulds

    ·         Daily Use plastic moulds such as chair moulds, table moulds, beach chair moulds and other plastic furniture moulds

    Furthermore, it is very strong in new molding technology such as stacking molding technology, double color molding solution, gas assistant injection molding solutions and so on.

    Sino MOULD has become the unique brand of Chinese molding industry. It is ready to lead the development of the World Plastic molding and Chinese molding industry in the fierce market and maintain a unique advantage.

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